I’ve received quite a few E-Mails from visitors this week asking if castles and palaces in Scotland will reopen. These building have been around for hundreds of years, they have survived battles, famines, fires and are all currently closed to the the public and private tours due to the Coronavirus.

As there is currently no tourism in Scotland this will greatly affect there running costs but these building will survive. A lot of these castles have seen a huge influx in visitors due to the Outlander experience in the last couple of years.

The Castle where we have our private and personal ultimate tour, where tour groups receive a personal tour of the castle. I have been in close contact with the guides there there. We had a lot of bookings this year for that particular tour, like all the others they have been postponed until 2021. We are the only tour guide in Scotland that offers this tour experience. The castle have opened the grounds up to the public just now so the public can enjoy the spring weather in Scotland as part of there daily exercise.

It’s beautiful just now with all of the spring flowers out and normally we would be doing a lot of driving tours up to the highlands for the start of the lambing season.