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Most Common Questions

1. Can you do a day trip to the Highlands from Edinburgh? Yes,…

Guest Blogs

Working within the tourism industry in 2020 has really brought us all together. Especially now that COVID vaccine has just been announced as well this will certainly help with bespoke tourism in Scotland and Edinburgh.

Lockdown restrictions

It’s finally happening lockdown restrictions are being lifted and the one thing one people’s minds are that much deserved and well thought out holiday! Scotland is here and is slowly beginning to return to a normality.

Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Calton Hill is a hill located in the centre of Edinburgh, Scotland. We always love exploring Calton Hill on our bespoke luxury Edinburgh private guided driving tours, the short drive up the hill in our luxury vehicle is a delight for the senses.

Bespoke guided tour

It’s not all castles and Lochs and visits to whisky distilleries, we sometimes receive random requests on bespoke luxury Edinburgh guided tours as well. One of the random tour request was a visit to an old abandoned hospital site just outside of Edinburgh.

Scottish summer tours

The Scottish summer weather has finally arrived and it’s perfect weather for Edinburgh private guided tours.

Bespoke Edinburgh guided driving tour

In between Scotland and England lies one of my favourite private driving tours, it’s luxury tourism at its best. This private bespoke Edinburgh guided driving tour has everything to make everyone extremely happy on this private day tour.

Music festivals Scotland

With all of the music festivals being cancelled in Scotland in 2020 until 2021. It’s not all bad, the line ups for next years music festivals are looking like they will go down in Scotland’s history

The British golf open

We had a lot of bespoke luxury golf tours and transfers arranged for this year...

Fish and Chips

On our private bespoke Edinburgh guided driving tours we are always asked where is the best fish and chips in Scotland! If you are visiting Scotland for the first time, trying our other national dish, the first of course being haggis.

South Queensferry

One of our guided tours had a special request a few years ago, being a bespoke tour company in Scotland we are always happy to oblige our clients...

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle has to one of the most famous landmarks in Scotland, If not the entire world. It’s certainly the most famous Castle in the whole of Scotland and is must on any one of our private guided tours of Edinburgh and Scotland.


The spring weather is beautiful in scotland today and it was perfect weather for a short personal guided drive to one of Scotland’s Roman Forts.

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

In between Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace lies one of the words greatest pieces of architecture and one of the worlds most famous churches as you will see on one of private guided driving tours.

Edinburgh Film Festival

Edinburgh has the longest continuing running film festival in Scotland and the world. Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus the Edinburgh international film Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival and all of the other Edinburgh Festivals have been cancelled this year.

Guided tours in Scotland

Once the lockdown has been lifted the uk tourism industry is going to see a boom like it hasn’t seen in many years the scottish tourism industry is going to really thrive.

Outlander Tours Scotland

Private Outlander Tours are always good fun and the fans love visiting the locations featured in the books and show. The tourism Outlander Tours has brought to Edinburgh and Scotland is fantastic.

Edinburgh on lockdown

A lot of of our private guided Edinburgh guided tours start from the balmoral hotel, it’s very odd seeing the hotel boarded up just now. Our hotel partners have all assisted us in providing unforgettable bespoke experiences....

Edinburgh dining

If you have been on one of our Edinburgh Private Luxury Guided Driving tours, there’s a good chance we would have stopped at Bros Bagels for one of Mama Bros mouth watering bagels...
Half Day Personal Guided Tour of Edinburgh Old Town by Luxury Car

Sweet Scotland

Tablet is a Scottish candy or sweet that we supply on all our guided tours. Everyone always likes to experience a taste of Scotland and we like to make sure that you can experience it on one of private Edinburgh Guided Tours.

Scottish Fishing tours

We have a guided fishing tour, planned for 2021. It’s always good fun when we’re planning a fishing trip around Scotland.

Sir Walter Scott – Edinburgh and Borders bespoke Tours

Walter Scott, one of Edinburgh’s famous sons, always plays a big part in our guided tours of Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders.

Walking Edinburgh Tour

We receive a lot requests asking if we do bespoke walking tours of Edinburgh. We do offer guided walking walking tours of Edinburgh. Being a bespoke tour company offering private guided tours of Edinburgh we try and accommodate everything our clients need and require in Scotland.

Barrels of Whisky

At Wee Scottish Tours it’s always good fun when we receive random requests for Bespoke Custom Tours, one of the private tours that’s proving a lot of fun working on just now is sourcing a barrel of whisky for a group of friends from Sweden.

Scottish restaurants

When organising a bespoke luxury private tour in Scotland I try and recommend restaurants I have personally eaten in with my wife and family, some Scottish restaurants have fantastic reputations...

Whisky Tasting Tours

Whisky Tasting Tours are very popular at Wee Scottish Tours....

Long Time Coming Bespoke Luxury Whisky Tour

I’ve received quite a few E-Mails from visitors this week asking if castles and palaces in Scotland will reopen. These building have been around for hundreds of years, they have survived battles, famines, fires and are all currently closed to the the public and private tours due to the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Update

I’ve received quite a few E-Mails from visitors this week asking if castles and palaces in Scotland will reopen. These building have been around for hundreds of years, they have survived battles, famines, fires and are all currently closed to the the public and private tours due to the Coronavirus.

Refunds and re-booking

A lot of our customers have rebooked for 2021 and we look forward to meeting you next year. Everyone that has requested a refund from Wee Scottish Tours has received one within twenty four hours.

Another busy day today for Wee Scottish Tours

Another busy day today for Wee Scottish Tours, we had a lovely couple that requested our VIP Bespoke Castle tour. We are the only tour operator in Scotland to offera once a lifetime opportunity to have a private tour of the castle.

Bespoke whisky tour in the Scottish Highlands

We visited the world famous Dalwhinne Distillery whisky is a Highland Whisky but as it is located within both the Highland and Speyside region it can legally be called either a Highland or Speyside whisky.

Not all doom and gloom in Scotland

It’s not all doom and gloom in Scotland just now, yes the coronavirus is currently affecting us as well and hitting Wee Scottish Tours hard like every other part of the Scottish tourism industry


Being in quarantine or lockdown depending on who you speak to has given us plenty of time to plan more tours and catch on plenty of reading.