Tablet is a Scottish candy or sweet that we supply on all our guided tours. Everyone always likes to experience a taste of Scotland and we like to make sure that you can experience it on one of private Edinburgh Guided Tours. Tablet is an exclusive sweet/candy to Scotland and were very lucky as once you experience it is you end up hooked and there’s no going back.

There are a couple of hidden places we like to take you to in Scotland on guided tours where they have there own recipes or take on homemade tablet. I try and limit myself on how much I have myself as if I sampled it every time on a guided tour of Scotland or private tour of Edinburgh I would end with no teeth left!

Tablet is a traditional candy/sweet made with Sugar, butter and evaporated milk the ingredients are the same but how each person makes it is slightly different in Scotland. Some people on Scotland add vanilla and I’ve even heard of some places even adding whisky, I haven’t tried the whisky version myself so can’t comment on whether it’s good or bad or messing with the traditional Scotland recipe!