It’s very odd seeing some of Edinburgh’s old and most famous hotels and pubs closed just now. The Balmoral hotel that’s located at number one Princess is one of Edinburgh if not one Scotland’s famous hotels.

A lot of of our private guided Edinburgh guided tours start from the balmoral hotel, it’s very odd seeing the hotel boarded up just now. Our hotel partners have all assisted us in providing unforgettable bespoke experiences over the years. Luxury is some thing that we pride ourselves on our private guided tours of Edinburgh and Scotland and our partners always make sure that they provide luxury and sophistication at there properties as well.

After many years of working with so many different luxury hotels in Edinburgh and all over Scotland relationships are what we are constantly working on. Scotland’s tourism’s industry is growing every year and as such more hotels are appearing every year as well. 2021 is going to be an exciting year for guided tour and five star hotels in Edinburgh and Scotland as there are meant to be quite a few new hotels opening up in Edinburgh and Scotland in 2021.

With the Coronavirus happening a few of them were meant to be opening in 2020 but plans have now been delayed until 2021 but it’s going to be really exciting for the Scottish tourist industry when these hotels open.